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shannon's head/ room with a view/ an interior shot winter, 2002

Shannon Rubicam, born in Seattle, the city of high drama mountain ranges to the east and west, overlooked by Mount Rainier in the south, waterways everwhere, rain, and eventual home and final resting place of Kurt Cobain. and Ivar Haglund. (any Seattlites remember 'im?)

SHANNON: ....first of all: I write music for the sheer love of music. it has ever been so for me. my life has always, as with so many people, had a soundtrack to it. starting with joan baez, gordon lightfoot, bob dylan, the stones, the beatles, iron butterfly, jimi hendrix, joni mitchell, the kinks, cream, moody blues, jackson browne, crosby stills nash and young, and on and on through the years, and of course i will think of many more as soon as i am finished with this. i live in pictures and sound, they are my memories, my present, i dream in that realm about the future, and thank god. without music, how could i remember a fall afternoon senior year, heading home from school, friends going by in their cars, radio blasting "hey jude"........ music is my heaven, and also my pergatory. my successes are the skyrockets that light my life, and my failures send me crashing. but the miracle of music is that it lives and breathes powerful life, no matter what, creates the fire, and nothing compares to the feeling of just having written a new song~the buzz is incomparable. music cares not about success or failure, it simply IS. so to stop out of discouragement (i have) or fear (i have) is to die a little death, and i am finally learning the truth of that. keep writing, burn. our surprising success came all at once, two hits for whitney houston (how will i know and i wanna dance with somebody), three albums for boymeetsgirl (boy meets girl, reel life, and new dream) a scattering of recordings of our songs by other recording artists...all good fortune, opportunity and preparedness in collision!!!

....and then there was a slowdown, during which time George and I spent time appreciating and diving headlong into life with our daughter, taking time to remove ourselves from the business of music, to shed some accumulated cynicism about it, and to miss it just enough to want to get back in the game. we also recently experienced our own personal life alterations, course changes and corrections, renewal, and the designing of new lives. our brand spankingly fresh album, called the wonderground, is the tale of our divorce amidst the making of music, revision of self, continuation of family and friendships, and the learning of the true meaning of love and respect for one another; the gift therein~ a return to a sense of wonder. life is a large scale event, surely. we love this album for the focus it brought to a tumultuous chapter in our lives, and for the joy of creation that arrived when we least expected it.

....on the daily task of writing: most of the time writing is a small task of the day, which is not to say it takes only a small amount of time, but that it isn't guaranteed to bring in a big fat lotto windfall complete with truckloads of glory, so it's just a matter of what's in your heart or on your mind to say that day, lyrically or musically. many things we've written have never been heard by anyone, and they would not stand up to the competitive market, no matter how much we love them. it can be deeply disappointing to work hard for apparently no known compensation, no net to catch your fall, no visible reward for all the dedication and commitment to songwriting.....and yet these are the risks of the terrain, and the rewards are often simply the great satisfaction of having created something from nothing, expression where there was none. passing along what we can to others up and coming is also a source of joy and learning.

....first song: one night long ago, on a houseboat in seattle, i dreamed a perfect hippie dream that joni mitchell (my heroine at the time) was sitting on a large rock singing a song to the whole outdoors...i thought "i like that song, it's so beautiful". when i woke up i realized i'd never heard it before, hey, because i wrote it! i was the writer this time....and thus began my writing of songs.

....mentors: thom bell of the "philly sound" has been a mentor in the songcrafting realm, arif mardin in the producing arena, tom werman and phil ramone too, every songwriter whose song i've played over and over because i couldn't get enough, life itself and all the people in my life, you get the picture.

....the catalog: 4 albums for BoyMeetsGirl. first one self-titled Boy Meets Girl, produced with Tom Werman. Reel Life produced with Arif Mardin, and New Dream produced with Arif and Phil Ramone (who has a number of great anagrams), and The Wonderground produced by us, How Will I Know, I Wanna Dance With Somebody(Who Loves Me) for Whitney Houston, songs for Bette Midler, Deniece Williams, Phyllis Hyman, Smokey Robinson, Sheena Easton, Holly Near, and more.

oh and...i'm having an exceptional, extraordinary life! i love my family, my daughter, friends, movies, music, books, the peace and violence of nature, the wonder of it all, the ups and downs, the inside and outside, body, heart, soul, soulfulness, the humor and irony of being human, i am touched through and through.