words and music by George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam
©1990 Irving Music/Boy meets Girl Music (BMI)

Everything changes
now me now you
so I can't stand here
acting deaf and mute
waiting for you to point the way
show me the next move

I am the horse to your rider
we both agreed
I rode us through the dark sky
followed your lead
we'll get there together
that's what we believed
when we arrived
I found I was an outsider
inside your dream

I need to be free
to stand on my own feet
I hope you can see
there'll be more to love
if we both feel complete

But everything changes
nothin' stays the same
I'm conjuring my will
fannin' this high flame
I will go
where it points the way
I will listen
to my spirit song
when it sings my name


We can't go
round and round like this
round and round
is the kiss of death
got to shine a light
and move ahead
we can't go round and round...