©1990 Warner-Tamerlane/Direct Planet Music/Boy Meets Girl Music (BMI)

Life at it's most extreme
makes me wish that I had wings
isn't that everybody's dream
astronauts through the portal
witnessing the immortal

One taste and you're forever changed
there's a crack in heart and brain
light pours in like rain
for an instant pain is gone
there is no right there is no wrong


Flying the cosmos
I like to see it that way
when I'm facing life up too close
and cease to be amazed
I need to back away

There's a problem in re-entry phase
feels like a fall from grace
like I'm running in place
transformation seems remote
unicorn to humble goat

A little problem with re-entry
how to keep the wonder with me
color everything I see
telescope it down
and still keep both feet on the ground

How do I when do I
where do I find resolve
how do I walk with wings
how do I break this fall