The Touch

G. Merrill/S. Rubicam/T. Bell
©1985 Irving Music/ Boy Meets Girl Music/ BellBoy Music

There's a time I wish I could remember
the more I try it's harder to find
it's a feelin' I know
that's burnin' in my soul
I wanna be there all of the time

I laugh when I hear you talkin'
cause it's a sound that reminds me
of a warmth I miss so much
I felt it in your touch
a love so strong, a light that blinds me

I feel so much
feel so much love in the touch

When the city closes in around me
and my friends are nowhere around
eyes don't meet face to face
it's lonely in this place
I miss you girl, I miss my hometown

No matter where I wander
in my mind I have your picture
but what I need the most
wanna hold your body close
you always carry me back there