©1985 irving music/boy meets girl music

Late one night in a small seaside village in the Middle East, a boat of terrorists landed on the beach and raided a nearby apartment building, waking the sleeping residents with gunfire and killing the two young daughters and husband of one very special woman. Both she and one of her daughters had premonitions of this event. This song is inspired by her deep loss and by her strength to carry on. Amid the misunderstandings of hate and anger we are doubly touched by the courage and power of love.

Premonitions come alive
you dream you fear you wait
bullets crack the silent night
no one lies where loved ones lay
though the wounds have bled dry
healed and gone away
sorrow sleeps in your eye
and watches by the gate

Tore me up with your eyes
shut me down with what you said
struck the mask where I hide
shot the pain straight through my head
you wished to live a simple life
and watched it fall apart instead
you said nobody has the right

Something tells me you will make me
give my heart away
something tells me you will make me

They took away my flesh and blood
I still hear those cold hearts beat but
love will not be driven from me
love will not be driven from me

People like me fear to lose
the ones we call our own
and death has seldom been so close
to lay our children in the ground
but in the deepest part of you
a mother's love is still so strong
you promise life and love will keep you