©1985 irving music/boy meets girl music

You hold in your hand a diamond
The left holds it tight
You hold in the hand our love
You let it fall from the right
I feel for the love and it cost me
Another painful night
This time I'm afraid you've lost me
And without a fight

Girl it's so strange now my life's rearranged
How you want to say goodbye again oh oh
Girl it's so strange how your feelings can change
Are they real are they only pretend

Oh girl
I don't need you
I never wanna see you
Do you understand

And now that you have my heart
You walk away
One thing we never learned
Was how to make love stay
Love is a lethal weapon
If you use it wrong
You carry with you my affection
But as two we don't belong

You held in your hand a diamond
The left held it tight
You held in your hand our love
It fell from the right
In closing I remind you
Don't be callous with the heart
Love is just one step behiond you
You'll wait for it if you're smart