Kissing Falling Flying

G. Merrill/S. Rubicam
©1985 Irving Music/Boy Meets Girl Music

You're the kind who makes my head spin
You're the kind who can't stop movin'
When you love when you love
You love it when you win
When you lose sometimes you lose
Just to prove it

I'm the kind who does not give in
Don't get in my way when I'm groovin'
Cause I know when I'm down
And when I'm still fallin'
When I fall sometimes I fall
Just to prove it

Kissing falling flying
These are all the same
Kissing falling flying
Do you know what I mean
Kissing falling flying
Just to say your name
Kissing falling flying
Now do you feel the same

You're the one I want to love me
You told me yourself you don't wanna be lonely
And you know when you fall
You'll come lookin' for me
Cause when we kiss
You know we'll fly