©1985 irving music/boy meets girl music

Bare shadow of a moon
Sends traces of light across my room
Long ago on a night like this
There was passion and love that I miss
Now you're out there runnin' around
It's beginning to wear me down

My heart so full of you
My mind unaware of your point of view
I remember we lay on the bed
I remember the words you said
I will love you from now on
I assumed I would be the only one

'Cause I loved you then and I love you now
But with my eyes wide open
If I knew you then like I know you now
Before those lies were spoken (before this heart was broken)
No future plans would be allowed
I would've loved you just for fun

From now on
Forever and always
You can run
But you can't have it both ways

I will see you one more time
Don't try to explain you can't change my
All the damage has been done
No matter who lost or who won
I will love you from now on
I won't forget about you when you're gone