YouTube Videos

Oh Girl-1985

David Hogan directed, and wonderful choreography by Sarah Elgart as well. I believe the plot revolved around a breakup (played by us), and the after-hours party where we both arrive with our possi. Plural for posse?

Waiting For A Star To Fall-1988

Australian director Claudia Castle managed to collect a lot of views of us, and all our children! Lively one. Loved seeing it alongside "We're Not Gonna Take It" on MTV, until VH-1 was born!

Bring Down The Moon-1988

Alex Proyas directed. Alex wanted some powerful physical imagery for this, and at the time we all had a fascination with the Southwestern desert. So we flew with crew to New Mexico, rented vans and drove and filmed our way back to Los Angeles, taking the back roads. Great fun, and there are some beautiful scenes captured here.

Miss America, I Wanna Dance With Somebody footage-1987

Thank you Bruce Miller, you caught this lovely medley on videotape… note the grooving choreography. Quick, call the chiropractor, yikes!! Be patient now, it's at the end…

Dick Clark Show Interview

Dick Clark interviews Boy Meets Girl on American Bandstand. 

VaderTheCreator - Mini Documentary

Boy Meets Girl: The Epitome of 80's Music [Mini Documentary]