In 1980 we traveled to Los Angeles from Seattle to record a studio demo of some of our songs with friend Jim Bredouw producing. On that trip we did a session with photographer to the stars Norman Seefe, and put it all together to market to the record companies. Alas, beautiful pictures, wonderful songs, but no bites on that trip ~ had to wait a couple more years and move down to LA before getting our big break! Here are a few from the Seefe photo session, as well as a 1988 photo from the Michael Tighe session that gave us our album cover for Reel Life.

While promoting the Reel Life album in 1989 we did a photo session in the Los Angeles Union Station with a marvelous photographer named Aiko. There were many more photos from that shoot which we hope to dredge up from the A&M vaults if they still exist. Also, some odd pics shot in Pasadena we'll include if you don't laugh! Go ahead…

Filming our "Bring Down The Moon" and "Oh Girl" videos: here are a few still pics.

We started our website in 2002 after completing The Wonderground CD, our first DIY album. These pics were taken by us at a magical little Malibu mountainside cabin where Shannon used to live. (Sadly the cabin burned down in the 2007 fires, although she no longer lived there at the time.) Plus a couple of miscellaneous studio moments while we were demo-ing a song called Gone.

Malibu, May 2004

These photos were taken in NoCal in 2004, in and near George's studio. I think we were experimenting with alt renderings of our song How Will I Know, and we came up with a sort of wacked-out-sweet Martini version.


Tia Gavin, lively journalistic photographer from Sonoma, did a fun photo session with us on a chilly day in winter 2008, including shots from the loft of George's studio, the studio itself, as well as in and around Geo's quaint NoCal town.

Took a break and poured over memorabilia- found Geo's tracklist for the first album...

Look for more random and spontaneous photos in the coming months!