George Duke

A few of you know that Shannon and I were in Deniece Williams’ band back in the early 80s, and were fortunate to sing backing vocals for her hit song “Let’s Hear It For The Boy”. The song was written by Tom Snow and Dean Pitchford, and produced by George Duke. It was an illuminating look at a top-notch session in George’s state of the art home studio. I learned so much from those brief studio moments that have served me since; his easy way with people, making us all feel comfortable, guiding the session and keeping the mood light- like the song we were there to record.
George produced Deniece’s next record and she did two of our songs, “Haunting Me” and “Don’t Tell Me We Have Nothing”. He had me bring in my synthesizer, and even though he had the best of everything and was a brilliant player, George urged me to play the parts he liked from the demo- a sweet man, and a thrill for me.
He just recently completed a new album titled DreamWeaver ; a dedication to his wife, who died one year and a day before him.

Thank you George, remembering you fondly

George Duke gave us one of our finest early Los Angeles recording experiences, for which I’m thankful. He made us laugh, was so warm and welcoming of us (at the time) newcomers to LA, masterful at his craft and we kept in touch for a time. Blessings on his sweet smiling soul!!!!

Love to his family, and to GD.



yipes…sweeping out the corners, and cobwebs. a varied and interesting life keeps us away-
not so bad.
I love our site, we aim to visit more often!

Love and appreciation,


There is an end-of-year mention of Whitney Houston, a lovely and thoughtful article by John Jeremiah Sullivan in the New York Times Magazine this past Sunday.
He offers some other things to think about beyond our own recollections of “How Will I Know”.

Love and best wishes to you all,
George and Shannon


Hi there- we had a hiccup with our mail server and recently solved it, thanks to our intrepid website guru Joe Kraynik. Our email address is: contact@boymeetsgirlmusic.com, same as it ever was…and once again, it works- thanks Joe!

Well wishes to all,
George and Shannon


Check out this wonderful post, gotta love this:
Norbert’s Puppet Dance Party

Kelly McFarling singing with Norbert at Grocery On Home in Atlanta, Georgia- nice one!


Please check out Wally Wallstrom’s interview with us- “Waiting For A Star To Fall” is the main focus. We had fun remembering, Wally- thanks to you!

Shannon and George


Whitney Houston 2.11.12

(thank you to Jake Fogelnest and Jim Wilson for the link to this acappella version of HWIK)
Whitney Houston 2.11.12 (click to hear Whitney)

I am saying a prayer right now, as I write this, to Whitney Houston…glorious singer with the matchless, powerful, soulful, refined voice…a rare bird indeed. She has chosen to take flight rather than remain here, but her life and her singular talent bear celebrating, even while acknowledging her difficulties over the past years. I am grateful to her always for the gifts she brought to my life by recording—by so thoroughly rocking—our two songs. So Whitney, from my heart, I honor you and wish you peace and joy wherever you are.

Every one of us who heard her stunning voice for the first time, knew we were hearing greatness.

I’ll never forget the call that came from Narada Michael Walden’s studio, our friends Alan and Preston Glass had just finished the day working with Whitney and called us, and breathlessly said ‘you better hear this’!! They played back “How Will I Know” over the phone, and it was obvious she was about to change the music landscape forever.

We’ll miss you Whitney…



Reel Life songbook

Reel Life songbook

Shannon and I enjoyed a three-part interview with Freddie Rodriguez of REALPOPOLIO, one of the best music blogs we’ve seen. It’s about time I included the link; my apologies to Freddie for taking so LONG(!), and hopefully you’ll all enjoy realpopolio as a good source for music news, interviews and fun!!

George-Fall and into Winter ’11

realpopolio=”pop outside the box”…nice!


We enjoyed a recent interview with Tim Schoultz for his Back To The 80′s blog- thanks Tim!
George and Shannon

PS: click on Homer for our interview, and everything 80′s:




The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles
hosted the West Coast premiere of “Reel to Reel: The Greatest Ears In Town”, a documentary following Arif Mardin’s illustrious life and career.

Though he was largely unknown to folks outside the music community, his contributions helped form the bedrock of pop culture in the 60′s, and into the 00′s. Odds are that sometime today, you’ll tap your toe to a song Arif nurtured to fruition!!

Find out for yourself, see the documentary. Probably available mid-Summer’10.